Alternative awareness using meditation healing and other techniques is what we teach. Channeling sessions are also available.


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Healing & awareness centre

Welcome to the Phoenix Healing Center online








Run by Dr Jonathan & Rachel Sherwood

 in Wiltshire United Kingdom


At the healing centre here in the lovely Wiltshire countryside you can find lectures and other events on alternative awareness like meditation, healing, readings both tarot and past life, and others as follows:

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Personal Tarot readings

Channeling Sessions Evenings only 8pm - 9pm Thursdays

1 or 2 day Weekend Workshops

Meditation evenings Fridays 7pm-9pm

Private Healing sessions available daily mon-fri 9am- 3pm

Weekly evening lectures 7.30pm-9.30pm

Current Crop Circle data.

For your own personal appointment for a reading, Healing or to check in for a lecture or workshop or to obtain a brochure of what’s coming up. Call 01380818067 today!

To see what Dr Sherwood does or subjects he covers have a look at our other web sites here at or

Healing is an integral part of what we do and have developed healing techniques for many areas. Healing animals is another area we cover.


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Egyptian scented oils (All our own creations)

Ka-lei fashions (Coming soon!)

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Computer repair service with us.

Drjohn’s computer repair service in Wiltshire.

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